Innovation for the Aerospace Industry

DOPAG presents the metering system coredis on the worldwide largest composites trade fair JEC World

DOPAG presents it’s metering systems for the production of composite components in aircraft interior equipment at the worldwide leading trade show for the composites industry - the JEC World 2017 in Paris. The metering system coredis exhibited on the fair fills sandwich panels with honeycomb core with materials of low density.

Among other things, coredis convinces with clean and precise processing: The material is dispensed reliably and evenly thus ensuring a homogenous filling of the individual cells. Above all, this is necessary as the open edges of the panels must sufficiently be protected against external environmental influences. Such honeycomb panels are mainly used in aircraft interior equipment in toilet walls and side walls, kitchen superstructures and floor slabs.   

To avoid damage to the sensitive structures during the production, DOPAG uses gear pumps especially designed for the purpose of feeding the material.  This development is based on decades of experience and the successful cooperation with the aerospace industry. The resulting system concepts are successfully applied all over the world today. 

The coredis metering system in more detail
The coredis metering system fills honeycomb panels starting from a size of 2,600 x 1,400 millimeters. Depending on the size of the cells and the valve, the constant flow rate amounts to 50 to 300 milliliters per minute. A touchpanel as well as a swivel arm allow for easily operating the system.  The application may be run both manually and automatically. In automatic mode, the material may be dispensed proportionally depending on the thickness of the honeycomb core and the feedrate which results in the optimum filling of the cores thus meeting the high quality requirements in aviation.

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