Neat, precise potting of dialysis filters

DOPAG manufactures a special dispensing system for the medical industry

The manufacture of medical products requires special care and high precision, particularly in the case of sensitive products such as dialysis filters. During the manufacturing process, a membrane with thousands of hollow fibres needs to be firmly connected to an outer shell. To do so, both components are potted with a two-part polyurethane.

DOPAG has developed the metering and mixing system evomix DF specially for this purpose. It is based on the established 2K metering system eldomix, which expertly meets all the special requirements for potting. As with the metering system, DOPAG has incorporated gear metering pumps into the evomix DF. This enables high-precision, reliable metering of highly viscous to pasty media (viscosity range of 50 to 80,000 mPa s), as used in the potting of dialysis filters.

The mixing head of the system is certified for cleanroom application. Evomix DF can be integrated into fully automated production lines for the manufacture of dialysis filters. Downtime is avoided thanks to continuous material supply via material pressurised vessels. The vessels feature a level control as well as automatic refilling and degassing. The mixing ratio and output rate are controlled by means of volume measuring cells. A metering computer with a real-time multitasking operating system stores up to 64 metering programmes and, in combination with a 7" colour touch display, enables convenient operation.

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