DOPAG supports thermoplastic injection moulding research

University of Kassel Polymer Application Center explores new possibilities with a new LSR metering and mixing system

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a popular material in the production of medical technology, where it can be found in countless forms, for example as hoses, respiratory masks or even implants. This is due to the unique properties of silicone, such as heat resistance, flexibility and biocompatibility. It is no surprise that there is an ongoing, heavy research into this useful material and DOPAG is delighted to be part of the effort through its partnership with the University of Kassel. The University’s Polymer Application Center UNIpace now has a DOPAG LSR dispensing system silcomix to its disposal. Silcomix meters and mixes LSR material of extremely low over to high viscosity continuously and with the highest accuracy. It can be very easily fitted with 20 litre hobbocks.

The new 2K dispensing system from DOPAG has opened up new possibilities to the researchers at the Application Center, where it will be primarily be used for multi-component injection moulding of LSR thermoplastic. UNIpace CEO Dr.-Ing. Ralf-Urs Giesen has thanked DOPAG for the loan of the machine, noting that the researchers "will appreciate the advantages of a compact system with an easy barrel change in the future."

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