Efficient production of interior panels for aircraft

JEC 2020: DOPAG presents its coredis metering system for automated filling of honeycomb panels

There are numerous challenges facing the aviation industry. The number of flight connections is increasing, while emissions have to be reduced. This is made possible through continuous optimisation of the lightweight design and the use of innovative materials, for example. Light composite materials already offer comprehensive solutions for reducing weight and fuel. DOPAG offers automated metering and mixing technology for the production of these fibre composite components. The company will present this at JEC World in Paris on 12-14 May, the world’s leading trade fair for the composites industry.

Automated solution offers efficient production
The coredis metering system presented there fills the honeycomb cores of sandwich panels. These honeycomb panels are used in particular in aircraft interiors, such as in toilet walls and side panels, kitchen structures and floor panels. As the honeycomb panels are further processed, i.e. cut to size or fitted with inserts for mounting cabin components, the honeycomb structure requires a high degree of stability. The honeycomb cores are therefore filled with low-density materials by the coredis metering and mixing system.

The automated filling of the honeycomb cores by a robotic and portal system reduces workload considerably, speeds up production and saves significant volumes of materials. The coredis metering system fills honeycomb panels from a size of 2,600 x 1,400 millimetres. Depending on the size of the cells and valve, constant flow rate is 50-300 millilitres per minute. In automated operation, the material can be dispensed proportionally based on the thickness of the honeycomb core and the feed rate. All honeycomb cores are filled uniformly and meet the high quality standards for aviation. This is particularly necessary since the open edges of the panels need to be protected with sufficient stability against external environmental influences. In order to prevent damage to the sensitive structures, DOPAG uses special gear pumps designed for this purpose to convey the material. This development is based on decades of experience and a successful working relationship with the aerospace industry. The resulting system concepts are now being used successfully around the world.

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