Dispensing technology benefits from fast growing E-Mobility Sector

DOPAG China establishes itself as a leading supplier for battery manufacturing

More than five million electric vehicles will be registered in China until 2020. Thanks to legal requirements, e-mobility is one of the fastest growing markets within the Chinese industry. DOPAG identified this trend at an early stage and established itself in China as one of the leading suppliers of dispensing technology for battery production.

Since 2010 DOPAG has been represented with an own branch office in Shanghai and has continuously expanded its business activities. Within the production of new energy vehicles (NEV), DOPAG offers bonding and sealing solutions. The manufacturer is now one of the leading suppliers in this market segment on the Chinese market.

Customers benefit from decades of experience in metering and mixing two-component media. So far more than 2,000 materials have been processed with DOPAG equipment. The materials that are mostly used in bonding and sealing of battery modules are structural adhesives and thermal conductive adhesives. DOPAG machines are highly competitive in the precise control of mixing ratio, flow rate and real-time monitoring. With its high technical standards DOPAG machines are perfectly suited for an efficient production of many applications in the e-mobility sector.

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