Individual metering and mixing systems for automated potting

DOPAG develops tailored, automated metering and mixing systems for the manufacture of electric and electronic components

Manufacturers in the electrical and electronics industry are increasingly turning to automation to optimise their production processes. The focus here is on efficiency, process reliability and consistently high quality in particular. DOPAG constructs individual, automated metering and mixing systems for potting parts and components. The metering technology manufacturer precisely follows the users’ requirements and integrates the system optimally into the overall production process.

DOPAG has developed a dispensing system for automated potting for a global machine manufacturer and has integrated processes for pre and post-treatment as well as the entire handling of components into the system concept. Various unique features ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility. There is one robot exclusively responsible for handling, for example. After manual placement, it transports the components from one work step to the next, for example from pre-heating to potting and then on to hardening. The system can flexibly cast a total of three different components. The user can adapt the sequence and quantity at any time to current requirements.

A second robot was fitted with the eldomix metering and mixing system, which was specially designed for potting applications. This also ensures maximum flexibility here. Depending on the component, the robot measures out the dual-component material in various application types, such as in shot or bead form. This enables the user to respond flexibly to production requirements at any time and benefit from an overall system that is always perfectly utilised.

Individual dispensing systems for automated potting

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