Two applications - one system

dynamicLine from DOPAG enables efficient series production for bonding and gasekting applications with a single system

The series production of control cabinets requires high cost-effectiveness and efficiency, like all production processes. Individual work processes need to be integrated smoothly into the overall production process and offer optimisation benefits. In addition, given the current increase in raw material prices, cost savings need to be made. DOPAG has planned a partially automated system which will meet these requirements for a leading European manufacturer of control cabinets. The dynamicLine metering and mixing system is suitable for two applications required in the production of control cabinets – gasketing and bonding.

Processing highly reactive materials reliably

During production, a polyurethane (PU) gasket needs to be applied to the control cabinet doors. This protects the electronic components inside from dirt, dust and moisture. The metal frames of the doors also need to be bonded securely to the glass pane. With dynamicLine from DOPAG, the company will be able to carry out both applications in the future – gasketing and bonding – with a single system. The dynamic mixing head is the leading part of dynamicLine. It meters and mixes highly reactive materials with high precision and reliability. The material is applied with the aid of a three-axis linear robot. The control cabinet doors are supplied using shuttle sliding tables.

Switching flexibly between both applications

The system processes a total of three components for the two applications. For each usage, a specific polyol is required for the application in question. There is also an isocyanate which is reactive with each of the basic components used separately. The materials are supplied by means of three pressure tanks. The control cabinet doors are manufactured individually. First, a gasket is applied to all components, then they are bonded. Switching between the two applications is a simple process. The relevant programme can be selected using the mobile control panel. The mixing head simply needs to be rinsed when the material is changed. This is carried out using water, in an environmentally friendly manner with no need for solvent. No components need to be changed.

Remote service offers straightforward support

In the case of any questions or problems during production, DOPAG customers can avail of fast remote service. Using this, the DOPAG experts can access the system online at any time, make changes to configurations or read system data. If the customer’s issue cannot be resolved via remote service, DOPAG’s experts are also on hand at all times for personal support. This guarantees fast, competent support whenever it is needed. 

Furthermore, a standard-compliant protective housing ensures CE conformity as well as high safety during ongoing production. This makes the entire production process as efficient as possible, saves production space, simplifies the handling of large components and enables the production of control cabinets to a high quality standard.

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