Clean processing and accurate application

Innovative bonding and sealing solutions for glazing

Dispensing system for the application of adhesives and sealants

It is not easy to bring together two different materials. With innovative solutions, we help to ensure that the tasks at hand are mastered with ease. In building planning, valid building regulations and guidelines regarding energy and fire protection standards present architects and design offices with new challenges. This primarily applies to sections of the building fronts such as windows, doors and gates. Such architectural components are the basis for energy efficiency classes and for meeting fire regulations. Therefore, they are already subject to specific provisions during their production. To ensure optimum product quality, absolute process stability must be ensured. This especially applies to the joining of different materials in the production of windows, doors and gates made out of glass.

Applications for windows and building fronts range from structural bonding (high-rise fronts) to the application of the secondary sealant (edge seal). The filling of cartridges (side-by-side or pre-mixed cartridges) is another application. The focus is on the manual application for which DOPAG provides various accessories, apart from its metering and mixing systems.

DOPAG metering and mixing systems are designed to process silicone, polyurethane or polysulfide-based 2-C adhesives and to apply them to the component with high precision. The aspects being relevant for the market success are the accuracy in meeting the demanded mixing ratio and the high flow rate in liters per minute. As additional benefits, conservation of resources and a good waste balance are offered, with low waste disposal costs as the materials are joined not earlier than in the mixing tube. The use and management of chemicals as well have been carefully considered, from clean material container change to tiny material residual quantities.

Bonding and sealing is becoming an increasingly popular method of joining components without screws. With DOPAG systems, applications can be realized reliable and precise.

  1. eldomix


    The eldomix 100/600 range of systems are compact, solvent free, gear pump driven metering and mixing systems.

  2. variomix


    The variomix range of systems are solvent free, compact, pneumatic or hydraulically driven piston pump metering and mixing systems.

  3. vectomix


    Vectomix is used to handle multi component materials. Due to its compatibility and modularity, two vectodis single component piston metering with equal or different sizes are used.

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