Profitable production of components for control cabinets and enclosures

dynamicLine enables gasketing and bonding applications with only one machine

Control cabinets for machines and plants or for the Industrial Automation and LV energy distribution must be robust, heat-resistant and durable. In order to achieve maximum stability and reliability, several metering and mixing applications are used during the production process. Components such as ventilation grilles must be carefully sealed or glass panels must be firmly bonded to a door frame.

With the dynamicLine from DOPAG, the Italian company Auger srl will be able to implement both applications – gasketing and bonding – with just one system. Auger srl has been manufacturing standard enclosures for 50 years. The project was implemented together with the distribution partner DAFA Italia in close cooperation with DOPAG Germany.

Automated production
The dynamicLine system is integrated into an automated production line and ensures maximum flexibility. The company uses the dynamicLine to apply PU foam gaskets to components for control cabinets using the FIPFG process (Formed-In-Place-Foam-Gaskets). Otherwise, it uses the system to bond glass panels to doors for control and rack cabinets.

The basis of the 3-component machine is the dynamic mixing head. It processes polymer reaction materials reliably and reproducibly. Depending on the application, two of the three components are metered and dynamically mixed. With the help of a linear robot, the PU foam or adhesive is applied precisely to the component – directly into the groove or mould as well as onto three-dimensional surfaces.

Simple changeover
Switching between the two applications is possible in less than a minute. Auger srl also benefits from other advantages. For example, the materials can be brought to a specific temperature in order to achieve a consistently high processing quality of the material even under changing production conditions. In addition, the individual components are rinsed with water in an environmentally friendly and solvent-free manner. With the dynamicLine, Auger srl now has a solution with which the components can be produced economically, flexibly and in high quality.

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