Spare Parts and Consumables
Spare parts for dosing systems and dosing systems

Replacement parts and consumables

Fast delivery of DOPAG components – no matter where you are.

If you’re missing a crucial replacement part for your metering and mixing system, you need one delivered as quickly as possible. After all, long downtimes hold up production and increase operating costs. We’re here for you in times of need and will process your replacement part orders as quickly as possible.

Individualised replacement parts recommendations from our experts

Not equipped for an emergency? Don’t worry – our experts will be happy to advise you and give replacement parts recommendations for your specific metering and mixing system. This service is free of charge. In the end you will know exactly which replacement and spare parts you should definitely have in reserve in order to be able to respond to a system failure quickly. You receive original DOPAG-quality parts and reduce your running costs through targeted planning and careful stock management. You can reduce the cost of a repair if the system goes down or even avoid extra expenses completely. We also offer user and maintenance training, where your employees receive all important information about troubleshooting and learn how to replace components themselves.

Please provide the following data when ordering:

  • IT number of part designation
  • Machine number of the metering system or component

Please send us your order including the data stated above via our Contact Form or by email at your local representative.

Our e-services for your metering and mixing system

Online trials and approvals

Online trials and approvals

We believe that the most important building block for successful collaboration is a good partnership. That’s why we also provide all of our services online – whether it’s for quick, simple communication in case of any problems with your system or for comprehensive tests and training. For example, in the case of tests, you can follow exactly what is happening remotely via four different camera views. Book a convenient appointment and save time and travel expenses.

Our online services include:

  • Video streaming of acceptance protocols (FAT) for your metering and mixing system
  • Video streaming of tests: preliminary meetings and discussions of test aims, performance of tests
  • Troubleshooting
  • User and maintenance training

Support via AR smart glasses

Support via AR smart glasses

We are on site for you - and make this possible with smart glasses. Thanks to Assited Reality, we can see your plant directly in the production environment. The glasses are available to our customers and service technicians and offer many advantages: 

  • Fast analysis and evaluation of all relevant factors by our DOPAG specialists
  • Connection and guidance with live video and sound directly to the end device PC, tablet, smartphone via special Connect software
  • Easy log-in, exchange of pictures, drawings, recording function, chat, subsequent reporting protocol
  • Hands are free for upcoming work