Individually configured dispensing systems for lubricants
Greasing and oiling with maximum efficiency

Dispensing systems for greasing and oiling

We develop and supply the perfect solution for you.

Dispensing systems for greases and oils can’t be bought off the shelf. The requirements for these are too different. The metering and application of lubricants are becoming increasingly complex. Greases and oils need to be applied precisely and as quickly as possible inside drill holes and in complex and difficult-to-reach places. Typical areas of application include the automotive and furniture industries.

Our engineers design the perfect dispensing system for you in line with your specific needs – manually, automated or integrated into your existing production line. With DOPAG you can shorten your cycle times, save material and maximise your system availability.

We have been developing and producing custom dispensing systems for customers all over the world for almost 50 years.

DOPAG is with you at every step – from planning, commissioning and ongoing production to maintenance of your dispensing system. We also provide support for special products and for programming your control system.

We support system integrators and engineers during planning, providing all necessary data, technical documentation and comprehensive advice.

Customised dispensing systems for greasing and oiling

Benefits for you

  • World’s largest selection of top-quality products

  • More than 45 years of experience in metering and mixing technology

  • DOPAG locations worldwide for comprehensive customer support

  • Individual project support

  • Customer-specific product development

  • Process and material tests with your original parts

  • Rapid availability of replacement parts

  • Comprehensive technical documentation

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Sample applications

Domestic appliances
Greasing of door seals and hinges, switches, sintered bearing soaking

Car drives
Greasing and oiling of parts in engines, drives and chassis

Furniture and kitchens
Greasing of hinges, pull-out rails and folding systems

Car bodies and exteriors
Greasing and oiling of doors, locking systems, window regulators, sunroofs

Electrical appliances
Greasing and oiling of motors and gearboxes

Car interiors
Greasing and oiling of seat rails, switches and slider controls

Our products

The modular DOPAG kit is the basis for your individually configured lubricant dispensing system. The system concept consists of three main groups: material supply, dispensing valve or metering valve, and control technology.

By combining these main groups, we can put together an individual solution for you. Whether classic time-pressure metering or volumetric metering, you get the system concept you need. The control system is also programmed and configured precisely to your application.

To improve process stability, you can choose between different monitoring and control systems: micro-flow sensors, gear flow meters, pressure sensors and stroke detection.

Greasing and Oiling

Reference projects


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  1. Adhesive beading in the electronics industry

    Higher quantities in less time - For bonding housings for LED luminaires, DOPAG has configured an automated metering system that meets precisely these requirements.

  2. With automated production to the optimum PU foam gasket
    Technology, material and component - these three factors must be optimally coordinated for the automated production of PU foam gaskets. DOPAG and Stassen Industries GmbH advise customers together.
  3. Dispensing of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) in medical technology, food industry and e-mobility

    Particularly strict conditions apply to production in the medical technology and food industries. A special configuration from DOPAG enables the use of the dispensing system in the clean room.

  4. How to switch from manual to machine application

    When is it beneficial to switch from manual dispensing to a metering and mixing machine? - We support you to identify all relevant influencing variables.

  5. Metering and mixing technology for the production of LNG tankers

    We offer dispensing systems for a reliable application of adhesives and sealants in the manufacturing of liquefied natural gas (LNG) transport tanks.

  6. Precise bonding for the world’s first retractable solar roof

    The Swiss start-up dhp technology constructed the world’s first retractable solar roof. The individual modules are manufactured with dispensing technology from DOPAG.

  7. Coating self-adhesive labels with silicone

    Self-adhesive labels and stickers are produced with silicone coating via coating systems. We provide the metering system to ensure material feed.

  8. Bonding and sealing in aircraft production

    The metering and mixing system volumix provides a smart solution for filling cartridges with adhesives and sealants in aircraft production.

  9. Automated bonding of filters

    For the production of plastic filter elements, DOPAG configured and automated metering and mixing system.

  10. Automated application of sealants

    DOPAG provides an individual solution for the application of one-component sealant in the production of cardan shafts for special vehicles.

  11. Metering and mixing system for adhesive bonding of automotive components

    DOPAG develops a metering and mixing system for adhesive bonding of automotive components to ensure uniform standards worldwide.

  12. Sealant dispensing for truck manufacturer

    DOPAG successfully supported a truck manufacturer with a dispensing system for the manual application of a single-component sealant.

  13. Continuous dosing of lubricants, adhesives and sealants

    The membrane dispensing valve ensures a clean application and a high reliability in automated dosing processes.

  14. Turnkey systems for automated metering and mixing

    CTO Daniel Geier talks in the interview about challenges in automated dispensing technology.

  15. Individual systems for automated glue dispensing

    The household appliance manufacturer Amica uses an invidual glue dosing system from DOPAG for the production of oven doors.

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