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Gear metering systems

Precise and reliable processing of multicomponent media

Gear pumps are based on the Archimedes' principle and differ from any of the delivery and metering systems mentioned below by the fact that they do not require any control elements. This means that no automatic or controlled valves are required - neither for the delivery process itself nor for determining the delivery direction. The gear pumps used in mixing and metering systems are mainly based on two externally toothed gears of equal size (in case of very small types also internally toothed versions). The gears are located in a housing which features very little clearance between its walls and the gear.  

Gear Metering Systems at glance

  1. compomix


    The compomix DI was developed for dispensing epoxy and PU in infusion processes in the production of rotor blades.

  2. eldomix


    The eldomix 100/600 range of systems are compact, solvent free, gear pump driven metering and mixing systems.

  3. evomix DF

    evomix DF

    The metering and mixing system evomix DF is a precise and reliable solution for potting of components with two-part polyurethane.

  4. gelcomix


    The gelcomix is a gelcoat application system, especially developed for surface production of rotorblades and composite parts.

  5. gluemix


    The gluemix was specially configured for the application of two-component adhesives in rotor blade production.

  6. ladomix


    The ladomix is a compact, mobile gear pump driven metering and mixing system.

  7. puttymix


    The puttymix is a special metering and mixing system designed for the finishing process of rotor blades surfaces.