Automated grease spraying in furniture production

Spray valves apply lubricants for durability and ease of use in furniture hinges

To ensure that drawers and cabinets can be opened easily, the dispensing of small quantities of grease onto the hinges is required during production. DOPAG offers furniture manufacturers flexible and reliable solutions for the automated application of lubricants. 

Drawer open, drawer closed. Within a day, we have them in constant use, whether in the office, kitchen or bathroom. Today, drawers, doors or wall cabinets should open and close particularly quietly and gently. To achieve this, all moving components of hinges, doors and drawer systems have to be greased during production. Since these are usually extremely small components, the smallest quantities of grease have to be dispensed very clean and precise.

DOPAG offers various dispensing systems for the application of lubricants. Among others, the spray valve is suitable for this purpose, as it can spray the grease contactless into particularly hard-to-reach areas thanks to various extensions and attachments. Various aircaps allow the customisation of the spray coating pattern. This is particularly interesting for the greasing of drawer pulls, where surfaces and thin layers of grease have to be applied. Spray valves are suitable for both intermittent and continuous material applications. The spray valve can be combined with various drum and container pumps and integrated into automated production lines. Optionally, the spray valve can be supplemented with stroke detection , a pressure sensor or a gear flow meter to monitor and document the dispensing process reliably. This later ensures easy and smooth handling as well as a long service life of hinges and drawer pull-outs.

Spray valves – our product information, specs and brochure

DOPAG spray valve for non-contact lubrication