Turnkey solutions for automated bonding applications

Custom-built automated metering and mixing systems: DOPAG completes a major project for household appliance manufacturer Amica

Metered application of fluids is increasingly becoming part of automated manufacturing processes. Since the requirements on accuracy, material savings, application time and handling speed are very individual, as well as the standards a production needs to comply with, the development of a tailored system is frequently a must. DOPAG specialises in the design and manufacture of such unique dosing and mixing systems for automated applications of adhesive, sealing and potting compounds. The final unit naturally incorporates any necessary component pre- and post-treatment procedures, as well as quality assurance mechanisms, and conveying and handling technology.

Customers expect a comprehensive solution to their needs
"Some of our customers expect us to provide a complete solution that is fully compliant in all its aspects, and that is exactly where we can show our strengths," says Daniel Geier, Chief Technology Officer. DOPAG engineers draw on decades’ worth of the company’s experience in both custom-design machine construction, as well as an extremely broad field of dosing technology. "Due to this fact, we are able to master not only the handling and preconditioning of the components neatly, but of course also the application of the adhesive itself, and that is what our whole approach is about," explains Geier. So far, DOPAG has collaborated with over 160 material manufacturers, having tested around 2,000 different materials on its machines and components. The turnkey solutions DOPAG develops for its customers with automated production needs are also tested in the manufacturer’s technical center. The process involves an extensive series of measurements and it is there where the customer accepts the solution first, followed by another acceptance later on site.

Construction of a tailored dosing unit for the household appliance manufacturer Amica
DOPAG is currently celebrating the successful completion of a project for the Polish appliance manufacturer Amica. The task was to design and produce a special dosing unit for the automated bonding of glass sheets and rail profiles in oven doors. The unit comprises three robots working in parallel, conveyor technology for component handling, and finally the complete bonding structure. The rail profiles are first pretreated with Pyrosil, subsequently a DOPAG dosing and mixing system vectomix applies a two-component adhesive onto the profiles and then the other component part is joined. In a final step, the almost finished components harden in a curing buffer with an integrated heating and cooling chamber.

Partnership and close cooperation
When designing systems, DOPAG focuses on two main things: On the one hand, it is important to analyse customers’ applications thoroughly in order to develop truly fitting and effective solutions. "Because only through a clean and detailed analysis of the customer’s needs can we arrive at a solution that brings the maximum benefit and that is our goal," says Geier. This is why DOPAG attaches particular importance to close cooperation with its customer right from the beginning and throughout all the project phases. For DOPAG customers this means being able to deliver the whole project in cooperation with same points of contact from when the project starts, through its delivery and even up to the stage when After Sales and Customer Care are needed. This brings them the benefit of an uncomplicated, fast and accountable service.

Custom-built dispensing systems to automated bonding applications