Reliable dispensing technology for the production of household appliances

DOPAG offers solutions for all applications from a single source – bonding, sealing, greasing, potting and gasketing

The production of modern household appliances for the global market requires stable, automated production processes. Metering and mixing technology is a key part of almost all production steps in the household appliance industry. The various components are bonded, sealed, greased or potted during the production process.

For all applications involved in the production of dishwashers, ceramic hobs, ovens, refrigerators or small appliances, DOPAG provides the specially developed technology required. Single and multi-component materials are processed, including polyurethane, epoxy, silicone and lubricants. “All of our metering and mixing systems are adapted to our customers’ specific requirements and are individually configured”, says Christian Ostermann, Director Sales for the DACH region at DOPAG. “This is the only way to guarantee secure application and thus also the long durability of the end products.”

All applications from a single source

For the sealing of components, DOPAG offers dynamic mixing systems for the application of sealing foams as well as systems for the application of sealing adhesives. Silicone is primarily used here, as it can withstand the high ambient temperatures without any difficulty. Various systems fitted with piston or gear pumps are available for the metering, mixing and application of adhesives and potting compounds.

Lubricants ensure low friction, smooth, quiet operation and long durability for components and knobs. For greasing and oiling, a modular range of metering components, valves and pumps enables individual systems to be set up, which can be integrated into automated production lines.

Individual, automated solutions

In the configuration, DOPAG ensures automated component handling, integrated pre- and post-treatment, and application without any user involvement. “This enables us to guarantee consistently high product quality and reproducibility as well as the efficiency of our customers’ production processes”, says Ostermann.

For joining components, the household appliances industry uses partially and fully automated processes, in which the necessary pre- and post-treatment processes, such as plasma pre-treatment or the hardening of components, are integrated. There are different options for every application. For example, the material can be applied in a multifunctional cell, which can also be integrated in the line. Alternatively, DOPAG designs individual special systems that meet all requirements precisely.