DOPAG Eastern Europe opens up a new Dosing Technology Center in Prague

First customers test their own material on DOPAG technology on the first Demo Day

Recently, a new DOPAG Dosing Technology Center opened up in Prague at the company's Eastern European subsidiary.

A material producer company specialising in lubrication was invited to attend a presentation of DOPAG’s single-component technology on what was the historically first Demo Day. In total, 13 visitors had the chance to discover the DOPAG portfolio and try out a range of dosing valves directly on their company’s own material. DOPAG experts demonstrated the individual features of a selection of dosing solutions, which was a unique way for the customer to confirm the technology would be compatible for processing their material of choice and to discuss the suitability of the equipment that had been recommended by DOPAG dosing experts. 

The Technology Center is equipped for the testing of both liquid and plastic greases up to NLGI grade 3. Material can be dispensed both in single shots from approximately 2mm³ and continuously.

The customer rated the first Demo Day for its professional, yet informal atmosphere and expressed a wish to work in partnership with DOPAG Eastern Europe in the future.

We thank all the visitors for their participation, wish them success and look forward to interesting projects together!

Would you like to test your material on our technology too? Our dosing specialists would like to hear more about your application! We have a wide range of 1K and 2K solutions.

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