DOPAG enters into partnership with Stassen Industries

Together, the two companies offer contract manufacturing and consulting on PU gaskets

PU gaskets effectively protect sensitive electronics from dirt, dust and moisture. They are applied to control cabinet doors, to various components where electronics need to be protected, such as the housings of control units, or as clear potting on LED lights. PU gaskets play a key role in almost every industry and repeatedly present companies with challenges. DOPAG and Stassen Industries are now working together to help customers overcome these challenges. The focus of the partnership is on advising customers on the topics of sealing foams, potting and adhesive applications in contract manufacturing, the manufacture of prototypes and support with the integration and commissioning of DOPAG dynamicLine. In this context, Stassen Industries GmbH is also actively taking over the distribution of dynamicLine.

Stassen Industries is a young, dynamic company specialising in sealing and dispensing technology. It produces PU gaskets at the production site in Remscheid (Germany). All employees are familiar with the DOPAG systems and are aware of all production factors. “What counts is the experience of how the system works best in combination with the material to be processed and the components,” says Managing Director Dennis Stassen. “We are familiar with the equipment and materials of all manufacturers as well as the components of our customers, so we are able to offer optimum advice and support,” adds Stassen. For example, Stassen Industries applies PU gaskets to cusomters’s components with dynamicLine, thus gaining experience. Later, the DOPAG system can be integrated into the customer’s own production line – with the certainty that the application of the PU gaskets is already optimised for the process. Together with DOPAG, Stassen supports the customers from the outset and later sets up the system on site at the customer’s premises. If production order peaks occur again at the customer, Stassen can handle contract orders once again for the customer immediately and with less effort. In line with the two-supplier strategy, Stassen Industries GmbH thereby offers customers a reliable backup solution.

With this partnership, DOPAG is further expanding its consulting expertise. “PU gaskets are often applied to component groups centrally along the value chain, across all industries,” says Guido Löhr, Director Key Market Gasketing, E-Mobility & Battery Systems at DOPAG.  “That’s why speed, flexibility and reliability are required here. Stassen Industries is familiar with our system and has extensive user knowledge. Together, we can advise customers competently and offer optimal solutions,” adds Löhr.

With this cooperation, the two companies also want to further advance the topic of automation. Although this is already standard in many industries, many companies still apply the gaskets by hand. When using dynamicLine, the dynamic mixing head can be combined with a linear robot or an industrial robot. “With dynamicLine, high cost-effectiveness and a long service life can be achieved,” says Erol Tamer, Technical Director at Stassen Industries. “More PU gaskets can be produced in less time and, thanks to the controlled overlap, there are no disadvantageous coupling points, which ensures high quality and a long service life.”