Dispensing system for the battery production

Vectomix TC from DOPAG processes thermally conductive materials

The processing of thermally conductive materials demands high standards from the dosing technology. The materials usually contain a high amount of fillers in order to achieve their task – the dissipation of heat. DOPAG offers the vectomix TC dosing system with special equipment for processing such filled and abrasive materials. In the field of electro mobility it is used in particular for the production of batteries but also for the encapsulation of circuit boards or sensors.

The metering and mixing system vectomix TC consists of two piston metering units which are available in different sizes and which can be combined together This modular structure enables a diverse range of applications as well as variable mixing ratios and output ratios. For the processing of thermally conductive materials, the components were equipped with a special coating to protect them from strong abrasion and ensure reliable performance.

Another special feature is its efficient servo control. Both metering units have their own independent motor, which can be controlled individually. This enables a precise control of the mixing ratio. In addition, the output rate can also be modified during the metering and mixing process, for example to ensure a clean coupling point via a ramp function. The material can be applied in shot or bead form. Multiple shots with one piston volume enable short cycle times

The system has already proven itself in many demanding production processes, especially with regard to a high process reliability and reproducibility. For each application, DOPAG works in close cooperation with the customer to find the solution that exactly meets the requirements. The vectomix TC metering and mixing system can also be integrated into partially or fully automated production processes.