Christmas donation for Mannheim children and youth home

DOPAG helps St. Josef equip a new workshop facility

Getting creative, having your own projects and simply making the most out of your free time - the young residents of the St. Josef Children and Youth Home in Mannheim will soon be able to do all of that in a new, creative workshop. The company DOPAG has made a Christmas contribution to the home in order to help it complete the workshop’s furnishing in a shorter time. The company handed over a donation check for 2,500 euros to the youth home Director Inge Groos, Administration Manager Frank Loreth and Area Manager Jürgen Hoffmann, who were pleased the workshop opening was now achievable in a very near future and that the support came from a regionally based company. St. Josef Children and Youth Home is currently building a new facility, the Flora Campus, which apart from accommodating two children groups, will also house the new workshop.

St. Josef’s Children and Youth Home was established in 1851. It provides a home to around 80 children and adolescents, while supporting them in other ways such as through family assistance, day groups and social group work.