Multifunctional production cell for automated application of sealants

Individual solution for the production of cardan shafts in the automotive industry

The application of 1K sealants in the production of vehicle parts requires precise, careful metering and application. For the production of cardan shafts, the DOPAG automation cell implements individual requirements fully and reliably.

Cardan shafts are used in practically every type of vehicle and transmit torque when parts move against one another. A key component of cardan shafts is the closing cover, on which a sealant is applied. A demand-oriented solution with reliable metering technology and precise application is required in the production systems of an international manufacturer of cardan shafts for special-purpose vehicles.

Automated metering cell with external material metering system
For the precise metering and application of the 1K sealing compound on the cover, the manufacturer uses a customised multifunctional cell from DOPAG. Beside the metering cell, there is a gear pump. This meters the material into the production cell from outside. The single-component sealing compound is applied by means of a membrane dispensing valve with snuff-back mechanism attached to a robotic hand. Material dripping after shot completion is effectively prevented with the snuff-back mechanism. In addition, the valve has a leakage-free and maintenance-free seal.

It is important to ensure a thickness of 1.2 mm during the application of the paste-like sealant on the inside edge of the cover – with a uniform circumferential and closed sealing edge. The main challenge therefore involves precisely matching the volume flow and the feed rate of the robot. The sealant must be precisely positioned and metered in order to guarantee a consistent application. 

Benefits for production and operators
The parts are inserted manually into the carrier system. The cover type is specified on the control unit of the robot. Sensors are used to carry out plausibility checks of the carrier system being used. A diffuse sensor on the robotic hand detects the presence of each component. The sealant is applied according to the preselected programme. Thanks to the automation in the metering cell, the entire process is carried out precisely, quickly and consistently. Further processing in the production process is possible at any time, as needed. Large quantities can be processed quickly with a total of 30 to 40 different variants – with up to twelve individual parts depending on the carrier system that is used. Continuous support and customer-specific service are also essential to ensure reliable results – during design and commissioning as well as subsequently.

Multifunctional production cell: Automated application of sealants

Multifunctional cells from DOPAG – maximum flexibility and reliability

  • Independent robot system for integration of all types of marketable application systems (individual or external metering technology possible)
  • Process technology can be integrated for pretreatment and post-treatment of components (e.g. plasma pre-treatment of curing systems)
  • Multifunctional application: software for rail applications and pallet applications is included as standard
  • Reproducible product quality
  • High cost-effectiveness and efficiency
  • High process reliability

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