Spray guns

A perfectly clean application by hand

In cases, where manual, full-surface application of greases and oils is required, DOPAG offers a spray gun. The spray gun can process oils without fillers in the viscosity range of up to approx. 100,000 mPas, as well as unfilled greases of consistency class NLGI 0-3. A variety of nozzle sizes, air caps and extensions offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing the user to apply material reliably even onto hard-to-reach areas. Lastly, the gun is very easy and quick to handle, owing to its user-friendly design.


  • Manual spray application
  • Nozzle size Ø 0.2 - 1.5 mm
  • Material input pressure max. 50 bar
  • Pneumatic pressure max. 6 bar


  • Various nozzle extensions with different spray cones and angles

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