DOPAG increases its LSR activity on the US market

The market for injection molding processed liquid silicone rubber (LSR) products is experiencing a long-term steady growth in the US. In line with this trend, DOPAG has been expanding its LSR activities in the region. The company’s portfolio of metering and mixing technology offers many intelligent and reliable solutions for the processing of LSR in injection molding applications.

This month DOPAG will be participating in one of America’s main LSR events, the LSR 2018 Conference in Anaheim, California. Around 150 industry leaders and experts from around the world take this opportunity to discuss most recent technology developments here and explore new commercial uses of LSR in various markets. DOPAG’s contribution this year will be a newly upgraded LSR pump silcomix, which all the Conference attendees will have a chance to explore closely. The silcomix now prides itself with a newly developed, compact mixing unit, which allows users a very simple, intuitive and fast handling. An integrated 'Snuff-Back' function provides perfect control of the outflow rate as it closes off the valve at the mixer outlet against the direction of the flow, thus not generating any additional pressure build-up in the injection moulding system. The modular structure gives the unit a truly versatile use, since it can be very accurately adjusted according to the parameters of various applications.

As a leading supplier of LSR pumps with over 25 years of experience, DOPAG has already installed more than 800 LSR-machines all over the world. This success is based not only on a long-term experience with LSR processing but also on an approach that values close cooperation with customers and project partners highly.