DOPAG builds on existing expertise in potting and e-mobility

Hartmut Klemm takes on new role as Key Market Manager for E-Mobility & Potting

Potting of epoxy resin and other 2K materials in the electrical and electronics industries belongs to the core application areas of DOPAG metering and mixing technology since a long time ago. Over the recent years, we have been seeing a steady increase in use of the potting process (as well as that of bonding and sealing) in the field of E-mobility - for example in the production of batteries and the upstream and downstream processes. In order to build on our existing expertise in these fields, while strategically reinforcing our activity in these applications, we have decided to create a new position.

Mr Hartmut Klemm has been with DOPAG since 2014, having been responsible for the Southwest Germany sales area. While offering an extensive knowledge in the field of dosing and mixing technology, he has also gathered significant experience in the electrical and electronics industries as well as in the automotive industry. Mr Klemm is an established and well connected person in all of these sectors and knows the requirements of the market. This results in an invaluable synergy, much to the benefit of DOPAG customers: Having extensive and qualified advice at their disposal, they will also have the guarantee, that the dosing solution designed for them by DOPAG is precisely tailored to their requirements. Mr Klemm will continue in his regional sales activities on top of the new assignment.