automationLine - Células de producción estándar

Producción rentable en procesos de dosificación altamente automatizados

DOPAG ofrece una célula de producción en tres tamaños diferentes para la dosificación y el mezclado automatizados. Gracias al diseño modular, la célula se puede adaptar de forma individualizada a toda una serie de aplicaciones de los clientes.


  • Puertas de seguridad con accionamiento neumático
  • Protección de acceso mediante cortinas fotoeléctricas, escáneres, escalones de seguridad.
  • Lector de códigos de barras para la selección automática individual del programa de procesamiento
  • Conexiones para sistemas de extracción
  • Y mucho más

Benefits of pre-programmed rail and pallet applications

Software tool rail applications

  • This function can be used to define simple contours for a rail application.
  • The points are entered in a table and approached one after another without stopping.
  • For each point, it can be defined whether the metering should start or stop.
  • A total of 20 programmes can be stored.
  • 50 points can be stored per programme. The details are entered in a table.
  • If this functionality is not sufficient for an application, robot programmes can also be programmed with the robot’s complete set of commands, selectable via parameters. 

Software tool pallet applications

  • This function is used to move vertically to positions in the working area, such as for potting components.
  • The points entered in the table are approached one after another.
  • The X/Y position is first approached above the components, then the infeed takes place at the height configured (Z).
  • The robot stop once it reaches the position.
  • The application is carried out, possibly in two levels.
  • After the application, the robot returns to the X/Y traversing plane in Z direction (height).

Table for entering positions for the robot – Extract of setting options

Line-integrated production cells

DOPAG offers a complete inline solution for fully automated implementation of several work steps in sequence. For example, the plasma pre-treatment and adhesive bonding and sealing steps, as well as the joining processes, can be performed in three interconnected cells.

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