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Solutions for processing of liquid silicone (LSR)

The continuously increasing demand for silicone products created with injection molding processes using liquid silicone is based on their special material properties: they can still be shaped even after the initial processing. Since a high elasticity is demanded for most of the products on the market, this essential difference to many other materials becomes more and more important and results in a continuously increasing use of this material in many different industries – from automotive production to household appliances engineering and lifestyle products. Since liquid silicone features only a minor reaction with other materials, it is also perfectly suited for being used in medial engineering. The increasing demand turns Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) into the next-generation "Silicon Rubber", replacing the HCRs (High Consistency Rubbers), which were commonly used before, to a continuously increasing extend.

A major challenge is the fact that the silicone must withstand the demanded application temperatures of -60 to +300 °C. This requires very precise and flawless processing of the low-viscosity 2-component silicone. The machining or production of LSR must be carried out with very strictly defined process sequences which only allow for minor deviations. Only this way the required properties such as high elasticity and flexibility can be ensured. Furthermore, a precise process flow is essential for continuous color metering. In case of lifestyle products, in particular, the quality is often judged based on color consistency.

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Silcomix: Our solution for processing of liquid silicone (LSR)

  1. silcomix


    The silcomix PE200 is a compactly designed, electrically driven piston pump, metering and mixing system.

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