Gear flow meter

Precise monitoring and control of the metering process

The DOPAG gear flow meter has been developed specifically for use in DOPAG metering and mixing systems. In processes involving one-part media such as greases and oils, it is used for measuring the exact material flow rate at any given moment. The measuring principle is based on the volumetric gear displacement system, characteristic for its accuracy and compressive strength. The measuring element comprises of a very precisely fitted pair of gears placed in the housing of the flow meter. The rotation of the measuring element is detected by a contactless sensor system and converted into digital signals. A metering unit containing a gearbased flow meter combined with a flow-regulating and dispensing valve is ideal for an accurate dispensing or filling of larger quantities of fluids.


  • Monitoring and control of metering processes
  • Stainless steel and aluminium housing
  • Pulse multiplication max. 16-fold
  • Gear volume 0.04 / 0.2 / 0.4 / 2 cm3
  • Plain or ball bearing version available


  • Sensors
  • Different connections and adaptors
  • Heated connection plate
  • Connecting cable

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