Ceramix is used to handle low to high viscosity multi component materials. They can be filled as well as abrasive. Due to its compatibility and modularity, two or more ceradis single component piston metering systems can be connected by simply using a mixing block onto the outlet of which a plastic mixer is mounted. Just a suitable material supply and metering unit is required. The material can be processed by either shot dispensing or continuous flow.


These modern metering systems can be used in any industry where materials need to be applied in a high precision and repeatable way.

Industries such as:

  • Automotive and automotive components
  • Electrical and electronic
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • and many more


  • Greasing
  • Bonding and sealing
  • Encapsulation
  • Proportioning
  • Shot or bead dispensing

Product features

  • High metering accuracy and repeatability ( ± 1 % depending on the flow rate and material)
  • High process security through monitoring the
  • filling level
  • Low-wear high performance ceramics, thereby
    • low maintenance due to long life
    • processes highly abrasive materials
  • Gas tight construction
  • No valve technology, no pneumatics
  • Only an electrical connection 230 V / 16 A required

Technical Specifications

  1. Flow rate

    10 to 2.000 mm³, at MR 100:100

  2. Mixing ratio
    up to 100:1, depending on shot size and viscosity
  3. Mixing system
    Static mixing system
  4. Material supply
    Drum pump, material pressure vessel or cartridge
  5. Viscosity range

    0,5 to 50.000 mPa s, higher on request

  6. Material characteristics
    unfilled, filled, abrasive
  7. Power supply
    230 V / 50 Hz / 16 A
  8. Air inlet pressure
    6 bar, only for material supply
  9. Dimensions
    120 x 60 x 300 mm
  10. Weight
    approx. 7,0 kg

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