Multi Component Systems

Metering and mixing systems by DOPAG are capable of processing multi-component media such as epoxy resins, polyurethanes and silicones. Depending on the intended application or the requirements, they may be equipped with either piston or gear pump technology. For this purpose, there are different basic configurations available which feature a modular design and may therefore be configured specifically to your demands.

DOPAG quality standards guarantee highest precision and repeatability - even in fully automated production processes. Metering and Mixing technology by DOPAG is used in various industries such as the aerospace, electronic, wind turbine, and household appliance industry, to name but a few.

Multi component systems at glance

  1. ceramix


    Ceramix is used to handle low to high viscosity multi component materials. They can be filled as well as abrasive.

  2. compomix


    The systems of the compomix product range are compact and solvent free metering and mixing systems.

  3. Dynamic mixing system (dynamix)

    Dynamic mixing system (dynamix)

    Dynamic mixers are generally used to process multi component materials.

  4. eldomix


    The eldomix 100/600 range of systems are compact, solvent free, gear pump driven metering and mixing systems.

  5. gelcomix


    The systems of the gelcomix product range are compact and solvent free gear pump driven metering and mixing systems.

  6. gluemix


    The systems of the gluemix product range are compact and solvent free gear pump driven metering and mixing systems.

  7. ladomix


    The ladomix G-SF is a compact, mobile gear pump driven metering and mixing system.

  8. silcomix


    The silcomix PE200 is a compactly designed, electrically driven piston pump, metering and mixing system.

  9. variomix


    The variomix range of systems are solvent free, compact, pneumatic or hydraulically driven piston pump metering and mixing systems.

  10. vectomix


    Vectomix is used to handle multi component materials. Due to its compatibility and modularity, two vectodis single component piston metering with equal or different sizes are used.

  11. viscomix


    The viscomix metering system is particularly suitable for sealing and bonding applications in the transport and insulated glass industries that require a continuous material supply.