High-speed valves

Contactless application of lubricants from up to 120mm distance

The High-speed valve can be used to apply grease or oil to the workpiece from a distance of up to 120 mm without stringing (contactless). An innovative valve nozzle has a self-cleaning effect that ensures a permanently clean application of material as well as a perfect cut off of the material flow, whether the valve is used for shot or bead laying applications. The compact design offers the opportunity to use the valve even in the narrowest of spaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Contact free application up to 120 mm
  • No stringing
  • Optimised valve closing technique
  • Compact construction
  • Integrated material filter
  • Splash proof
  • Short switching times

Equipment Optional

  • Different nozzle sizes - To meet individual requirements of viscosities and flow rates, alternative nozzles sizes are available.
  • Metering control - Through the use of volume counters, volumetric metering control is possible.
  • DOPAG metering computer - By using the metering computer all applications that can be achieved with the High-Speed Valve can be parameterised and alternative metering processes can be memorized.
  • The metering computer can either be directly integrated or wired to an external remote housing.

Technical Specifications

Flow rate 1.0 to 20 mm³ per shot
Viscosity < 150,000 mPa s (higher on request)
Switching frequency up to 100 Hz
Apply distance 120 mm
Environmental temperature -7 °C to +50 °C
Material temperature up to 65 °C
Working pressure 1 to 20 bar(depending on the viscosity)
Weight approx. 580 g

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