The new dynamic mixing head

A class of its own

The dynamic mixing head with its new valve technology has been designed for mixing of low to high-viscosity polymeric reaction substances for gasketing, bonding, sealing, and potting.

  • Lightweight, small, and compact design
  • Simple installation and removal of the mixing systems (mixer and mixing chamber)
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance of the mixing head and mixing systems
  • Low wear
  • Recirculation of all components to the mixing system
  • Metering accuracy with deviation +/- 1% (depending on material, discharge capacity and mixing ratio)
  • No dripping of mixed components
  • Perfect overlapping at start and end of beads, when using the right materials

Technical Specifications

  1. Metering performance

    DOPAG DMH 120 - dynamic mixing head
    Specifications may vary depending on material, mixing ratio and viscosity

  2. Discharge capacity

    from approx. 0.5 g/sec. to approx. 30 g/sec., increasable to 120 g/sec.

  3. Metering accuracy

    +/- 1%

  4. Control unit

    B&R, web-based control technology

  5. Operating unit

    Self-explanatory operator guidance for setup and control of the machine
    10.1“ Handheld operating box, optional 18" operating panel

  6. Mixing ratio

    from 1:10 to 10:1 (depending on discharge capacity)

  7. Selectable mixer speed

    from 50 to 3.000 rpm

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