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  1. Hundreds of parts are greased, oiled, bonded, potted and sealed in the production of a modern vehicle. DOPAG offers metering and mixing technology solutions for all of these applications from a single source.

  2. DOPAG is expanding its product portfolio for greasing and oiling and offers new solutions especially for contactless material application.


  1. DOPAG supplies metering and mixing technology for all applications and presents two especially developped dispensing systems.

  2. DOPAG offers the dispensing systems rotordis and rotormix for a precise metering of adhesives and sealants.

  3. Together, the two companies offer contract manufacturing and consulting on PU gaskets.

  4. DOPAG will present solutions for greasing and oiling at Lubricant Expo in Essen at September, 6 – 8.

  5. DOPAG continues to expand its global sales and service network by establishing a new subsidiary in Sweden.

  6. The new dynamicLine E is designed for the efficient application of foam gaskets to simple structured components.

  7. DOPAG will present its range of products for the production of composite materials at JEC World in Paris, the world’s largest composites exhibition.

  8. For the production of modern household appliances, we provide solutions for all applications from a single source: bonding, sealing, greasing, potting, gasketing. New brochure published.

  9. The LifeCycleLogger 4.0 enables a comprehensive online diagnosis of machine status and increases production reliability. 


  1. The dynamicLine from DOPAG enables an efficient series production for both applications with a single system, e.g. in the production of control cabinets.

  2. The Swiss start-up dhp technology constructed the world’s first retractable solar roof. The individual modules are manufactured with dispensing technology from DOPAG.

  3. From now on, customers could compare, select and request metering components and pumps via the new DOPAG online product portal.

  4. What are the advantages of automatically applied PU foam gaskets? In the second issue of our customer magazine exact, you can find out everything about gasketing.

  5. DOPAG designed the vectomix TC metering and mixing system especially for processing thermally conductive materials. 

  6. Customers take part in tests, machine acceptance and training online – without having to travel to a production site.

  7. The multifunctional cell from DOPAG offers flexible solutions for robot-assisted pre-treatment or application of adhesives, sealants, potting materials and lubricants.

  8. The new product line glueLine offers components, e.g. valves and pumps, as well as complete systems specially for dispensing single-component materials.

  9. DOPAG speakers discuss the successful application of sealing foams and lubricants.