Exhibitions Worldwide

Meet our technology experts!

On a regular basis, DOPAG presents new products and services on the most important exhibitions in the field of metering and mixing technologies around the globe. Our market managers and technology experts will gladly provide you with practical explanations of our components, systems and services. We are looking forward to your visit!

전시회 날짜 장소 국가
The Assembly Show South 01/05/24 - 02/05/24 Nashville 미국
ME Manufacturing Expo 19/06/24 - 22/06/24 Bangkok 태국
Automation Expo 21/08/24 - 24/08/24 Mumbai 인도
MatDispens 11/09/24 - 13/09/24 Bengaluru 인도
EV Tech Expo 07/10/24 - 10/10/24 Detroit 미국
Assembly Show 22/10/24 - 24/10/24 Rosemont 미국
Windergy India 23/10/24 - 25/10/24 Chennai 인도
Advanced Engineering 30/10/24 - 31/10/24 Birmingham 영국