HILGER & KERN GROUP focuses on sustainability

New photovoltaic system at the Mannheim site

The HILGER & KERN GROUP is focusing its efforts on sustainable business activities in order to make a responsible contribution to the environment and society. As part of this commitment, a further step towards an environmentally friendly energy supply has now been taken and a 50 kWp photovoltaic system has been installed at the company headquarters in Mannheim. The use of solar energy now covers 20% of the electricity requirements of the entire site and is to be continuously expanded in the future. The remaining electricity requirements are currently covered by CO2-neutral electricity or compensated by CO2 certificates. The Mannheim site is therefore now CO2 neutral.

In addition to the photovoltaic system, new dual charging stations have also been installed on the company premises to drive forward the electrification of the vehicle fleet. Employees also have the opportunity to charge their private electric vehicles at special rates at the Mannheim site using a charging card. 

These initiatives are part of the global commitment to sustainability that covers all twelve HILGER & KERN GROUP locations worldwide. From environmentally friendly construction projects to LED/low-energy lighting and the reuse of transport packaging, the company is actively committed to a sustainable future. The HILGER & KERN GROUP is proud to play its part in tackling the environmental challenges of our time and invites other companies to join us in this goal.

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