Needle Dispensing Valves

For precise application as a dot or bead

Needle dispensing valves are versatile and process a wide range of materials: Greases, oils, adhesives and lubricants. Reactive, aggressive or abrasive materials are not a problem for them. Our portfolio offers a variety of different sizes and designs. Choose the right valve for your application!

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Benefits for you

  • Robust design with working pressure of up to 250 bar

  • For continuous application of materials up to 2.5 million mPas

  • Reliable and attractively priced metering of high-viscosity materials

  • Suitable for reactive, aggressive and abrasive materials

Flexible in terms of material properties

On the needle dispensing valve, the metering chamber and the pneumatic drive are separated. The material cannot penetrate the drive cylinder and the movement of the valve needle cannot be impaired. This is why the valve also processes reactive, aggressive and abrasive adhesives and sealants excellently. The needle dispensing valve is an attractively priced alternative for metering high-viscosity materials. The valve is available in different sizes and we will choose the suitable variant for you.

Precise fine adjustment directly on the valve

The valve needle stroke can be infinitely adjusted using an adjusting screw. This allows the desired flow rate to be precisely tailored to your application.

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Technical specifications:

  • Continuous applications (time-pressure metering)
  • Clear width (CW) 1, 2.5, 6 and 12 mm
  • Viscosity range up to 2.5 million mPas
  • Material inlet pressure max. 250 bar
  • Prepared for stroke sensor
  • Various seal variants/materials available


  • Solenoid valve plate 24 V
  • Signal transmitter with various cables
  • Cannula connection with various cannulas
  • Pneumatic/electric handle

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