Highly productive solutions for automated adhesive bonding and sealing

DOPAG will be presenting turnkey production cells live at the Bondexpo stand.

There is an increasing need for automated solutions for adhesive bonding and sealing applications in many areas of industrial production, especially considering the fact that adhesive bonding is increasingly replacing or supplementing traditional joining techniques. DOPAG offers turnkey solutions for process-integrated, automated metering and will be presenting its latest developments in this field at Bondexpo 2017, one of the leading international trade fairs for adhesive bonding technology. "Our turnkey solutions make a major contribution towards integrating adhesive bonding and sealing applications economically and efficiently into automated manufacturing processes with all required pre-and post-treatments", says Rainer Kunkel, Director Automation Technologies at DOPAG. A production cell will be demonstrated live at DOPAG’s Bondexpo (Stuttgart, 9 - 12 October 2017) stand.

Holistic solutions for efficient production
DOPAG's product portfolio includes standalone solutions for automated adhesive bonding and sealing, in the form of standard cells or inline solutions, as well as special systems tailored individually to customer requirements. The systems include the conveying and handling systems required for the application, such as coordinate systems and robots, as well as proven, high-quality DOPAG metering technology. The systems can be equipped with the vectodis, vectomix, or eldomix metering and mixing systems. They offer error-free processing of adhesives, sealants and potting materials on the basis of silicones, polyurethanes, poly sulphides, epoxies, acrylics, up to hybrid and other advanced materials. On top of this, there are peripheral components, such as conveyors, workpiece conditioning (for example plasma pre-treatment) or nozzle position controls and scrapers.

Modular design allows for flexibility
DOPAG offers standard production cells in three different sizes. Thanks to the modular design, the production cell can be optimally matched to customer applications, or arranged as standard inline solutions for the automated execution of several work steps in sequence. For example, the plasma pre-treatment and adhesive bonding/sealing steps, as well as the joining processes, can be performed in three interconnected cells.

Custom plant engineering
DOPAG is your expert partner for individual automation solutions. In the field of custom plant engineering, DOPAG's experts handle the planning, design and commissioning of automated metering and mixing systems in close cooperation with the customer. Benefits for the customer: customers can purchase everything from a single source, thus ensuring reliable, high-quality production.

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