Elecrama exhibition: DOPAG presents its new mixing head

The metering technology manufacturer will present its new dynamicLine product line for efficient gasketing, bonding and casting for the first time

Efficient, economical, reliable – DOPAG will present its brand-new product line for dynamic mixing, dynamicLine, for the first time at the Elecrama electronics exhibition in New Delhi, India, on 10-14 March. Visitors can learn about the new product line and its range of applications in the German pavilion in hall 3, at stand H3GR18.

DynamicLine is suitable for all types of applications, such as gasketing, bonding, sealing and casting. It is based on the new dynamic mixing head. It processes reactive polymer materials with low to high viscosity, such as sealing foams made from PU and silicone, adhesives or casting compounds. It is supplemented by variable robot systems such as linear units and industrial robots. This enables the automated application of the material onto three-dimensional components as well as in grooves, moulds and on level surfaces.

Impressive versatility
DynamicLine offers efficient solutions for a wide range of industries. These range from the electronics industry, automotive industry and automotive suppliers to the filtering and packaging industries. Conventional applications for foamed sealings include control cabinets, door modules in automotive construction, household products such as sinks and ceramic hobs, as well as filters, lights and toner cartridges. dynamicLine can also be used for casting electronic components such as transformers, sensors and plastic casing, as well as for bonding and sealing in automotive construction, or for glazing. DOPAG is thereby setting a new benchmark in terms of speed, cost savings and precision, from which a wide range of applications can benefit.

Meet DOPAG at the Elecrama:

10 to 14 March 2018
German Pavilion
Hall 3, Stand H3GR18

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