DOPAG develops new mixing unit for LSR metering pump

The new design is unique on the market and simplifies operation while ensuring shorter setup times and greater system availability

With liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials that have extremely low viscosity and production cycles that are becoming increasingly shorter, LSR metering systems need maximum flexibility, reliability and ease of operation. With these criteria in mind, DOPAG has developed a new mixing unit with a unique design for its LSR metering pump, silcomix.

The main advantage of the new mixing unit is that all connections can be loosened by hand, so the mixer or valve for colour additives can be replaced in future even more quickly without any tools. “Our goal was to provide users with a product that offered maximum ease of operation and to reduce maintenance times and intervals by 75 percent”, explains Christian Ostermann, Director Key Market LSR at DOPAG. “Previously setup work on LSR mixing units was a complicated process that took a long time. It was a job that required tools and sometimes even needed the involvement of several workers. Our newly developed mixing unit fundamentally changes that.”

Modular design allows for different mixers to be installed
The new mixing unit for the silcomix LSR metering pump is designed to be disassembled extremely quickly by hand and without extra tools. It is also smaller and more compact than its predecessor, which makes setup work much more simple. The static mixer can be replaced easily thanks to the new design: any one-way mixer on the market can be used, as well as stainless steel mixers. The modular design of the unit means that individual components can be replaced in various sizes as desired. This functionality takes into account the fact that materials of increasingly low viscosity are being used in production and that cycles times and the overall processing time are getting ever shorter. For users, the new design simplifies operation and means that the system is ready to use again more quickly. Different products can be manufactured easily on just one system in future.

Stable production process and high product quality
The mixing unit also features continuous temperature control. Water cooling via the injection moulding system ensures that the material in the mixer stays at an optimal processing temperature. As a result, the production process is stable and the quality of the material is high. Complete cooling also means a longer service life for the equipment. The new mixing unit also has other features: an integrated snuff-back function closes the valve at the mixer outlet against the flow direction, allowing for extremely careful material metering in small amounts for maximum precision. A ball valve also ensures the bubble-free flooding of the material after the mixer is replaced, for example.

DOPAG silcomix – for a precise, constant mixing ratio
The DOPAG silcomix LSR metering pump processes all LSR materials on the market and accommodates all levels of viscosity with reliability and precision. The innovative SWIPSYNC (switching point synchronisation) technology allows for the piston pumps to be synchronously switched, ensuring that the mixing ratio remains constant at its precise setting. The result is optimal delivery of the liquid plastic for a high-quality end product. With more than 800 silcomix systems sold worldwide, DOPAG is one of the leading suppliers of premium technology in the LSR field. Its success is founded on long-standing partnerships with renowned companies and project partners from a wide range of industries.

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